Anthony Best  Boy Who thought he was a plane


Anthony Best

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ANTHONY BEST is the story of a preschool boy with Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism. When his friends tell a knock-knock joke, they laugh but he doesn’t get the humor. But when his friend Hannah hears him playing the piano, she realizes that he has a special talent.



"It's a very good book about civil rights. It shows that anyone with a disability can really be good at something."

—William Fahy, age 11

This story is rich in so many ways...a window into Asperger's syndrome and at the same time, a window into childhood...I loved this story.

—Sima Gerber, PhD professor of Speech/Language
Pathology at Queens College


I think Anthony Best is a great avenue to teach typical children about their autistic friends and why they often act so differently.

—Kristen Mullaney, parent of 2 children with autism


...the idea was fascinating, and the portrayal was clear and honest. This kind of a book can only do good things.

—Daniel Gottlieb, PhD, author of Letters to Sam;
A Grandfather's Lessons on Love, Loss and the Gifts of Life



Boy Who thought he was a plane

Available on Amazon


ISBN 978-098406610-0


Under the BedThe Boy Who Thought He Was a Plane is a charming days-of-the-week book as well as the story of Donny - who has an exceptional imagination.  When Donny’s father tells him it’s time to do what has to be done each day, Donny transforms himself into all sorts of animals and objects  until it’s time for………….

I'm Ready

Preschool children will enjoy each page of The Boy Who Thought He Was a Plane including the surprise ending.




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